Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I was on the tube today, and as it was pulling in to the platform, there was a guy with a magazine in his hand running alongside the train. I can't lie- I giggled a bit inside as I thought he was trying and failing to make it in time. As he and the train were running side by side, it soon became clear he wasn't running for himself- he was trying to give the magazine to a guy who had just walked off further along the platform. As the train stopped and I walked off with music playing in my ears, it was clear that Magazine Recipient Man was extremely grateful and somewhat surprised that his item was so swiftly returned.

This action, in turn, made me smile and feel good.

Recently, I have undertaken the task of training for a 26 mile Bikeathon for Leukaemia Research (although my friend Ed is pushing me for the mammoth 52 mile challenge). Through the process of donations, it has slowly and only slightly re-connected me with people I haven't spoken to in a long time - albeit in the virtual world of Facebook . It gives them an idea of what I'm doing, a sense of a huge challenge I am accepting, and, through their generosity, it shows me their more caring side. Not that I was unaware of that side anyway. The overall activity of fundraising gives me a great feeling of being connected to so many people. In total, I think I have invited upwards of 300 people to donate- a fraction of which will be kind enough to empty their pockets - but it's a very satisfying feeling nonetheless.

Last week I attended an alumni networking event of the Windsor Fellowship; a charity which runs various programmes for ethnic minorities, one of which I was lucky enough to participate in. All in all, there are about six thousand alumni out there in the world, and the possiblity of connecting to, interacting with and working with even 1% of that is overwhelmingly exciting. I had no idea I had a network that extended so far. Lucky me.

I guess this is a continuation of my last post, but connecting with people who you know, knew and probably more importantly don't know is such an immensely powerful prospect. I have, over time, come to appreciate how powerful networks can be - beyond our comprehension. They can help you achieve your goals in no time, help you help others, and help you start something you had no idea you could create in the first place (like a bestselling book, a film or even a business).

I swear I am not sponsored by Nokia. Connecting People.

The above picture is a representation of the internet, and this is an absolute tune to wake you up. If you don't love it, you're dead inside. It's Stevie Wonder for crying out loud:

Almost forgot: Here's the link to my Just Giving donation page for the Bikeathon. Please donate!

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